Real Estate Talk: Questions To Ask Your Realtor

Find a real estate agent

You can find a real estate agent online whose company has the best reviews of the work done. Note that previous experience from previous owners who have dealt with the realtor is a great basis if they do a good job or if they can sell your house quickly. So read, read, read and set.

What are your real estate credentials?

Ensure that the realtor you choose is licensed and has met the standards for training and dealing with clients in your area. Check if they are also valid realtors for their company. conduct background research on the chosen company; Certificates and awards will help you put your trust in.

Years of experience

Ideally, you will need an agent with years of experience in this field. Look for a realtor with at least 2 or 3 years of experience selling homes/properties. In this, it can make the process faster and easier because they know exactly the market situation.

The success rate

Ask your potential agent for a list and sale dates of their most recent transactions; You’re looking at sales completed within a couple of months, not homes that take months or years to sell (especially in a good market). A good agent should have solid control over the value of your home.

Ask about the value of your home and why?

Your agent’s job is to accurately assess your home’s value using recent market data and comparisons of similar homes that have sold recently. They must be able to explain their thought process and make a compelling argument for their price point, using concrete examples.


When you finally choose a realtor, they will display your property on sale platforms, social media and in different ways, and they will visit the house with potential buyers. Ask the realtor how many strategies they will offer in order to sell your home quickly on the market.

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